Tuesday, May 17, 2011


  I guess it must be now or never.
    Been thinkin' 'bout bloggin' forever.
  Computer inept,
  And sew scared ~ nearly wept.
  Gonna do it and just say, "whatever..."

  I'm sew very new to anything "blog".  I'm aware of them, but I've never felt I had enough time to even read blogs, let alone follow one!  However, after years and years of writing weekly e-mail posts to my website, I figured "how hard can this be? really."  Guess we'll all find out together, right?!
  Probably, before I get to anything quilty, it would be good to introduce myself!
My name is Rita and I am a Quiltaholic.  There, I said it. Good to get that off my chest.  Now, I'll bet you're wondering how I got to be that way.
  I had a rather average childhood ~ oldest child of 4 kids and only girl. Midwestern Child of the '60's. 10 of my first 12 years of schooling in Catholic schools, sew not only was I a rebel.....I was a guilty rebel. I graduated from the University of Akron (Univ-of-Akr) because they were shooting people at Kent State as I graduated from high school. Let me just say.....it was virtually impossible to be a rebel and attend the Univ-of-Akr. The very concept becomes an oxymoron.
  I was a clothing and textiles / English major in college and the most wild and crazy thing I ever did was backpack through Europe with 2 girlfriends and no money. But that is an entirely separate saga.....
  I married my best friend in 1974 and we fled Ohio to conquer the Wild West. In other words, we went to Phoenix, Arizona. With stars in our eyes, no job, and  no money in our pockets (this is the beginning of a theme, just sew ya know....) we arrived in Phoenix and didn't leave until 13 years, 4 children, 2 cats and a dog later. Another saga....
  Sew now I find myself on a small farm in rural southern Ohio, still with my best friend, the hubster (The Count) an old black lab named Lennie, a porch cat, Milo-the-thug, and a barn cat, Gonnie, 2 Toulouse geese, 5 random ducks, and our new Border Collie/Lab pup, Laci-No!  Our kids are raised and are now raising their own kids. We have 3 daughters and one son, a wonderful son-in-law and delightful daughter-in-law, an adorable 20 month old granddaughter and another granddaughter due next Tuesday.  Over the last 37 years we've raised every single farm animal you can name. Mostly we were successful (in other words, the animal lived), but there are stories here, too.....
  Since I have no idea where this blog will take me, we don't know yet if you'll learn about the European Adventures, the long HOT 13 year summer in Phoenix, or our days as farming imposters.  (Did you ever think someone could wash sheep with a Bissell steam cleaner?)
  Nearly 20 years ago I accidentally purchased a tiny quilt shop in southern Ohio and this resulting blog and it's title is derived from that moment.  In February of this year my second book was published with AQS Quilts and the title is Everyday Quilts.  With a bit of repositioning of the words, it seems to say it all.  Everyday....Quilts!
  Stay tuned and let's see where we can go together!  Thanks for joining me on this latest adventure!


  1. Hi Rita! Welcome to blog land - enjoy it!!

  2. welcome to the world of blogging, Rita. I have a blog and love journaling my adventures there. I'll look forward to reading yours!

  3. Welcome Rita, your going to do awesome job. Enjoy the wild ride of blogging~~

  4. It's sew exciting to see I have READERS!! woo-hoo!! I'll try to keep you all entertained :-)

  5. "HI RITA!" Isn't that what fellow Quiltaholics say when you introduce yourself? Don't know when you find time to sleep but if you post, I'll read :-) What else is there to do in Cleveland?

  6. Hi Rita....I'm Mark's friend, Joann. I've been blogging for a little over a year. Will be happy to help if I can!

  7. Hi Rita!
    I don't know where you find the time girlfriend but have fun! I live thru your quilting & travel experiences, lol You already have more energy than anyone I know so why not blog?? :-)

    Is that my friend Jenny up above? :-)
    Karen in Columbus

  8. Love the blog!!! Can't wait for more installments so I can keep up with all things quilting :)

    Shan in NYC

  9. Congrats Rita! It's not so scary. It's just another place to be fabulous - and you do that well.