Wednesday, September 21, 2011

On The Road.......AGAIN!

It's time to load the van again and point her nose 'northwest'~
The AQS Show in Des Moines ~ we'll be there with the rest
Of vendors and amazing quilts displayed to dazzle you.
But first I thought you might enjoy a glimpse of all we do.
[A look behind the scenes at what it takes to make a 'show']
We lift and lug and hang and drape. It's harder than you know!

  This weekend we'll have a booth at a small local quilt show and spend our time visiting with lots of quilters we know from our own geographic area.  Fun, but relatively relaxing.  As I'm planning that booth set-up, I'm alsew running through my mind the set-up and necessary product yet-to-be-ordered for the AQS Quilt Show in Des Moines, Iowa next week. 3 of us are climbing in the Stitch Mobile on Monday and heading northwest.  Lots of fun!  Lots of friends! Lots of work!!
  These events are a big part of my business.  I just do them. I don't give a whole lot of thought to what it all entails.  I've been doing these shows and events for 20 years now, sew although no one event is the same as another, the process for planning, hauling, merchandising and decorating our own little bit of quilty real estate are somewhat routine.
  A couple years ago, at exactly this time of the year, I was again preparing to head to this same show in Des Moines. One of my employee-friends commented, as we lugged and tugged and stuffed yet more stuff into the weary Stitch Mobile, "You know, I'll bet people who attend these shows would be amazed at what it takes to go from an empty convention hall to the stunning and inspiring displays that they walk into when they attend the quilt shows.  Maybe we should take some pictures and document this journey."  I looked at her and wiped my brow. "I think we should share our 'fun' with them, don't you?" I replied, laughing.  Sew join me today as I take you on one of our 'routine' quilty adventures!
  We loaded up at our shop in Chillicothe, Ohio where it was sunny and 70ish. After several hours of lugging and schlepping, we had her stuffed-to-the-gills and ready for take-off!

 Notice I left an 'eye hole' sew I could see out the back using my mirror!.
We're ready for take-off!!
  After a little over 10 hours of driving, laughing, yakking and listening to audio books, we arrived in Des Moines, Iowa and began the weary task of unloading!

 We've staked our claim on our own little bit of quilty real estate and began the ginormous task of making it look inviting and enticing!
For the first time ever we have to unload our precious cargo in the rain!  I have last minute utilities to purchase, and of course the neverending phone interruptions!  Great.  Lovely.
  Now it's up the ladder and on to business!  Lots to do!

  It's been 7 hours and there's still sew darn much to do!!  I'm pooped.
  The good news is our neighbors aren't doing things any faster than we are!  Whew!

  Finally just about ready for the Grand Opening early tomorrow morning!  What would we do without the 'basement' for storage under our draped tables?!
  Now it's off to the hotel with my girls ~ a hot shower, dinner and several glasses of wine!  As one of my past employees once said (she having been raised Quaker!) ~ "Now I know why you and Jan drink when you go to shows!"  Cheers!  Stop by and say 'hi' if you make it to the AQS Des Moines Quilt Show!  We'll be spending our days in Booth # 710  September 28 - October 1!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Summer musings...

Summer simply slipped away
  Sometime around Labor Day
Now my thought's consumed with fall....
  Which is my favorite, after all.

  Isn't is amazing the way we went from a 105* heat index one afternoon to a high of 58* the next afternoon?  I though that was a fluke at the time, but those cooler temps have hung around and it's been misty and drizzly here in Southern Ohio.  I, for one, am NOT complaining. Fall is simply my very, very favorite time of year. If I could have found a location where it was autumn all year round, we'd have moved there from Phoenix 25 years ago, instead of to our tiny piece of rural Ohio paradise!
  At the shop we're gearing up for our super-fun Quilt Away.  September 16, 17 and 18 quilters take over the lovely Christopher Inn about 1 mile from our shop...
 and we laugh and sew and eat and laugh and just have an awesome-good time!  We invite a masseuse and a nail tech. All our meals are catered. And there's 24-hour shopping at our favorite shop ~ Creations Sew Clever!
  Meanwhile, back at the Christopher Inn we've got the busy quilters, intent on finishing projects...

Or simply choosing to relax and visit and have a great time!
Whatever the reason for joining the fun, quilters can always be assured.....
What HAPPENS at the Christoper Inn STAYS at the Christopher Inn!


If you'd like to be part of the fun, the next two events are scheduled for September 16, 17 and 18 and October 14, 15 and 16.  Email me or call 740.775.1957 for details or to register!!  Happy Autumn!  Make Everyday ~ Quilts!  Rita